How good website design drives traffic and sales

How good website design drives traffic and sales

As a web designer I always put user first. The easiest, fastest, most intuitive way of achieving a goal is my first priority.

Now when there is around billion websites (based on internet live stats ) any user looking for any product on the internet has a choice.
If your website is not on first page of Google, it’s slow, not intuitive, doesn’t work on mobile devices or doesn’t seem legit, user will close your website in less than 4s and never come back.
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[WordPress][Solved]Can’t install any plugin. WP asks for FTP details.

Sometimes I feel like development on a PC is much easier than on Mac. My experience so far is that the Mac just throws stuff at you – mostly permissions but dealing with them is probably more painful for me as I am fairly new Mac user.

So I tried to install a fresh WP website and got a prompt that they couldn’t generate the wp-config.php file. Ive copied the code and manually placed the file on hard drive, just to finish the installation. Then, when tried to install some plugins got asked about the ftp details (look below image). As i am running my local development version and don’t have and FTP server installed I thought that there definitely is a way of installing everything without FTP server.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 3.02.27 pm

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[WordPress][fixed] couldn’t type space in form textareas and inputs

Funny how sometimes the investigation takes more time than actual fix itself.

As an only web designer in the company I need to deal with a lot of small bugs. Most of the time is browser incompatibilities or other small mostly CSS issues. But sometimes you come across something silly. This one was one of those things where fix is very simple but the process leading up to it was interesting. Thought I’d share. Read more

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