Most complex design project.

As a professional UX designer, my most complex web design project involved creating an application specifically tailored for firefighters. The goal was to develop a comprehensive tool that would assist them in gathering building and site information, conducting annual fire checks, and managing keys to various properties.

The application needed to be user-friendly for individuals who were not particularly tech-savvy and often working in challenging conditions, such as being on a moving truck and wearing heavy gear.

To meet this challenge, I adopted a user-centered design approach. I led weekly workshops and demos for the project team, ensuring everyone was aligned on the design direction. I conducted user interviews with firefighters to gain insights into their needs, preferences, and pain points. These interviews helped me gather requirements and understand the context in which the application would be used.

Based on the insights gathered, I designed a modular application that focused on presenting crucial information in a high contrast format. The design prioritized ease of use and intuitive interactions to accommodate the firefighters’ unique circumstances. I implemented features that provided a summary of key site details, the optimal route from the fire station to the site, the location of property keys, as well as identification of the most vulnerable and high-risk areas.

Throughout the design process, I regularly collaborated with the development team, ensuring the design vision was effectively implemented. I also conducted usability testing sessions with firefighters to gather feedback and make necessary refinements.

Ultimately, I successfully delivered a software solution that met the complex requirements of the firefighters’ application. It was designed to be highly accessible, providing critical information in a way that was easy to comprehend and navigate, despite the challenging conditions in which it would be used.

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